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Welcome to this (not so) little project of mine.
Use the navigation at the left to find the mini you are looking for. As mini's are painted and added to my extensive collection, they will be photographed and added here. Mech's are currently sorted by Ironwind Metals catalogue numbers where possible. I will also eventually add a menu to find mechs by name.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask by dropping me an email here

Latest Updates

Sept 30 2016

NEW NEW NEW MINIS (I'm still alive!)
20-419 Battlehawk
20-622 Nightsky
20-644 Barghest
20-891 Wolfhound
20-919 Stooping Hawk B
More are coming... lots more. I am way behind on posting at the moment.

Ironwind Metals Code

   20-217 Crusader